About the Company

About the Company

The Group of companies «PRO» currently brings together 9 of Russian businesses. It is «Caterinburg» - food service, «Service 365» - facility management, «United breweries Vaclav» - beverages and «Agronom Gryadkin» - manufacture peeled vegetables. 

And this is just the beginning. By 2020, the group plans to expand its business portfolio to 10 destinations to achieve, on the one hand, a maximum diversification, and on the other hand, a synergetic effect for the «PRO»-companies.


In translation from Latin «PRO» means «forward movement», «effects in anyone's interests», as well as «professionalism», «dignity» and «argument in favor». And this definition is fully suited our progressive company which constantly expanding the geography of work, increases a product line, offers modern facilities.

The Key motive

The Key motive, uniting all businesses members of the Group «PRO» it is a service to people or professionalism with a soul. Indeed, we believe that only a truly interested sincere attitude towards the client will allow «PRO»-companies being leaders in their industries in the long- term perspective.

Our priorities are: innovation, profitability, employee involvement, customer satisfaction.

Our values: unity, the win to win, the desire for growth, team play, the result.

The cooperation

The Group «PRO» is actively looking for the prospective cooperative partners and cordially joins the businesses wishing truly to change the service level and to represent our country abroad. We believe that Russia has long been able to make the key exports of finished products and quality services. Aren’t our opinions are the same?

Let's us collaborate!


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